We are Luminary Mindset™

Our global team of coaches and consultants all have experience working within corporations. All of our executive and leadership coaches were at one time senior leaders and executives within FTSE and ASX listed companies. Our coaches are accredited in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and experiential coaching techniques which all support our ability to help the people we work with identify subconscious belief patterns that are unsupportive of desired leadership behaviors for performance. We have developed performance culture uplift programs that meet the needs top down (Board, CEO, C-Suite and Senior Leadership) and bottom up (front-line, operational and functional management) ensuring that a performance culture is created that meets the specific needs of each of the levels within an organisation.


The Luminary Mindset™ expert coaching team is personally committed to our clients in a way like no other coaching consultancy in the industry.


We've been in the business for 20 years. Everything we say and do is backed by solid experience, psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry and philosophy.


We put people first every time – in our business and our work. Creating tactile and genuine human experiences to create a positive impact on organisations and the communities they touch.


Through the incorporation of our digital platforms, we’ve created innovative coaching methodologies and techniques different from traditional leadership coaching, each designed for maximum long-term impact.

Who We Are

Our corporate experience as senior leaders and executives of global organisations combined with our expertise as transformational coaches and consultants creates an experience like no other. We guide you to the solution that fits you and your organisation and then partner with you to align your organisation top down and bottom up to create results never thought possible.

Our Founder, Zoe Williams, has over 2 decades of experience in finance, internal audit, and strategic risk advisory expertise. Having worked alongside Board and Audit Committee Chairpersons within FTSE 100 companies and having led teams within Deloitte as a Risk Advisory Senior Director, business performance and strategic risk management needs are key focus areas in all of our performance culture uplift work.

Why Performance Leadership Matters

Aligns the organisation and leadership directly behind the CEO's objectives.

It creates a motivated and challenged workforce.

It optimises incentive plans to specific goals and leadership behaviour.

Improves employee engagement because everyone understands how their leadership directly contributes to the organisations’ performance.

Creates transparency in achievement of goals and leadership development.

Professional development programs are better aligned directly to achieving business level goals.

Simplifies communication of strategic goals scenario planning.

Provides well documented and communicated processes for strategy, leadership and performance.

Performance Culture:

Our understanding of the link between behaviour, risk management and performance allows us to support leaders in the development of their performance culture. Performance for us is not about happy people = performance. It is about leaders having an elevated emotional intelligence which results in them being able to master their own behaviour and know what behaviour will create high performance.

Elevating self awareness and becoming consciously incompetent of the leadership beliefs, values and behaviours that are unsupportive of elevated performance.

Altering/shifting the mental models in place unsupportive of elevating leadership performance. This involves overcoming the awareness that leaders are at the source of reduced performance (ego work/transactional analysis).

At an individual and group level, creating the new desired leadership beliefs, values and behaviours required to elevate performance through declaration, commitment, accountability and feedback.

The Luminary Mindset™ Methodologies

“We are committed to working with leaders who have as much appetite to develop their processes and systems as they do their human capital - the way to upgrade as a human is through EI development - it is evolutionary not revolutionary”

Zoe Williams, Luminary Mindset™

Coaching with Luminary Mindset™ combines 1-2-1, group and self-directed learning deliveries through all levels of an organisation. The way we work at Luminary Mindset™ is very different to any other performance culture organisation - we use transformative coaching tools and techniques not yet commonplace in the corporate world. These tools are designed to break down mental models in a safe way so that leaders can experience new paradigms in a matter of moments. These techniques connect individuals to a new way of thinking themselves - and the power is in the transformation of ‘group-think’ where en-mass shifts in beliefs result in a new strategic pathway, area of focus or possibility.

We integrate our breakthrough methodologies with the Leadership Performance frameworks you already have in place. This ensures that our work is fully integrated with the performance culture journey you are already on. We work closely with your HR and Culture and Capability teams both at the center and local operational and functional teams to align our methods with already existing performance management processes, systems and frameworks. This can be already in place leadership development programs, performance behavior models and standards, performance outcome business plans and priorities. This integration ensures that our work does not contradict, duplicate or replace work already done to manage the performance culture of your organisation. Our methodologies bring even more alignment to this work and enhances the effectiveness of this work by at least 20%.




  • Training focused development
    Behavioural change embedded in rhythms and routines and verified by line leaders
  • Skillsets + mindsets focus
    Clear Accountabilities & Expectations + Enablers + Skillsets and Mindsets
  • Short-term training campaigns
    Ongoing development
  • Outsourced to multiple third parties
    Aligned content facilitated by senior leaders, application verified by line leaders
  • Significant financial expenditure
    Sustainable investment

How Our Methods are Different

  • Psychologically safe learning environment
  • Continuity of relationship with leadership teams
  • Integration of previous and existing L&D tools
  • Embedded culture of learning and accountability created at all levels of the organisation
  • Integration of giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching tools as part of the learning experience
  • Problem solving part of the experiential learning
  • Integration of both top down and bottom up methodologies

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