Leadership Network

Global Leadership Network

Combination of:

  • Online Masterclasses
  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive weekly leadership and performance content

The Global Leadership Network is a confidential space for leaders looking to elevate their emotional intelligence, uplift corporate culture and create real change within their organisations. This network connects, coaches and supports you through your leadership journey. An executive leadership coach - in your pocket.

Global Networking

Exclusive Networking At a Global Level

The Global Leadership Network is an exclusive platform for like-minded leaders around the world to unite with a focus on corporate culture uplift. Designed as a shared learning experience, members benefit from group coaching, live discussions and ongoing interactive exercises curated and led by Zoe Williams and the team of Luminary Mindset™ expert coaches.

Group Coaching

Live Masterclasses & Group Coaching

Inside the platform, opt-in to live monthly Masterclasses led by Zoe Williams focusing on specific leadership topics. Come to group coaching sessions designed around the issues that matter most to our members. Engage in interactive weekly content to further your self development journey and learning. Connect with an exclusive group of global leaders, all on a mission to uplift corporate culture and improve performance.

Network Membership include

Global Leadership Network Membership includes

  • Network of leaders
  • Access to topic/industry-based closed groups
  • Live group coaching sessions with Zoe and other coaches
  • Masterclasses, webinars, live discussions with coaches and other leaders

Who is the Global Leadership Network For?

  • CEOs, Executives and Senior Leaders by invitation only
  • Leaders who are seeking to positively impact on hundreds if not thousands of employees within their organisations
  • Leaders focussed on self actualisation and wider impact for those they influence
  • Leaders who want to invest in themselves to improve their leadership skills and their personal mindset while positively impacting their network of peers and teams

Expected Results?

  • A space for leaders to access performance coaching and consultancy through their devices at a time that suits them
  • A range of performance coaching solutions and consulting services including in-depth exclusive Masterclasses with performance culture experts, including our CEO and Founder Zoe Williams
  • Ongoing coaching and training exercises, continuous accountability to keep focus on personal development and impacting positively on your organisation
  • Access to an exclusive network of like-minded leaders who are committed to creating corporate cultures that increase shareholder value and improve the lives of all stakeholders impacted by their business activities

CEO And C-Suite ‘Setting The Tone’ Connect Series

  • Webinars
  • Connect Series
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Cultural Tone

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